Maggot Wounds in Street Dogs


I recall seeing my first maggot wound in India. I was driving on the East Coast Road and passed a dog quite dazed wandering about in the street. I quickly pulled over and with a bit of food lured him out of the road.

It appeared to me that he had been hit by a car/tuk or scooter, he had an open wound in his ear, spread toward the top of his head and I could see into the skull. It was gruesome to say the least and he appeared to be in tremendous pain.  Thinking still in my naivete that it was a head wound I sprayed Betadine on the wound, which in hindsight was not a bad thing to do. I also gave him a dose of Ivermectin and a painkiller. After treating with Betadine he ran off.  I returned the next day and several days after but could not locate him.  I had posted a picture to Facebook and the following week received a call that Bark India picked him up, they had him in a kennel and were treating the maggot wound.  What relief, I immediately drove over to see him and his wound was remarkably visibly improved with proper treatment in such a short time. He is now back on his home turf, his ear a little deformed but well!

Proper Treatment of Maggot Wounds if difficult if the dog is frightened, abused, very sick, confused or in pain.  I am treating another dog right now, still unable to get close I return every couple of days, feed him, have given him other treatments. I can see the pain he is in, standing on the side of the road, dazed.   I have enlisted the help of others, we will get him well.

maggot wounds face

Trying to befriend this dog so he can receive proper treatment

Treatment of Maggot Wounds

In a nervous street dog begin feeding him, friend him, get him to trust you. These dogs are so sweet and loving, they love affection and attention, it only takes a short while to see them respond. Food and treats are a huge assist in gaining trust.

Please understand this is my system as I am often treating animals on the street. I take pics of each animal I treat and use the gps settings on the image to keep a record of treatment and to assist me in locating the animal again. Maggot wounds DO NOT heal without treatment.

IF you have gained the trust of the dog

  1.   I give a pouch of food into which I have dropped a tablet of Ivemectin and a mild painkiller. Ivermectin is  for dogs three months or older. I give one tablet per 10 kg of weight.
  2. Kill the Maggots: This is a painful process, if you can muzzle the animal that is best.  Pour a capful of medical turpentine oil (only medical turpentine oil, not painter’s turpentine) over the wound site. If the wound is deep and you can use a syringe to push the oil down into the wound. Maggots will begin to emerge over the next few hours
  3. If you can not find Medical Turpentine you can use D-Mag, this is my preferred method as I am often treating the animals right on the street and will return to treat them. I give them food, meds and then spray, they will run but return for the food. The maggots will kill the animal and it is a slow painful death.
  4. Apply Himax ointment over the wound  to prevent any more flies reinvesting the open wound.
  5. Over a few days the wound will begin to cover over and heal.
  6. Continue to observe and treat, they will get better!



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