Baby Mama

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When I moved to the new house off the Coconut Road there were two street dogs, someone had named them Trump and Hillary, male and female. Shortly after it was apparent that Hillary (Baby Mama) was pregnant, she soon gave birth to four beautiful pups. We fed and watered them, Chris Merriman and Kaylee Dodds dewormed the pups since I have been in the USA for a month.

Last night I learned that three of the pups had been run over by trucks building a house next door and Hillary, Baby Mama as I called her, was found dead outside of our gate. We live in a closed community, very little traffic–no cars until the trucks. I am heartsick..Trump and a pup remain, her only pup, she was young, her first litter she was to be spayed upon my return. It always seems that only one pup survives out of a litter, I hope it survives until I return. I am trying to find a temp home for these two, Trump is not like our Trump, he is sweet, loving and affectionate.

Sometimes it feels too much, I find solace that Baby Mama was fortunate to know love, that people in and out of the house paused a moment or more to pet, talk and express care for her and Trump. She gave more back than we could ever give. I guess it’s all we can ever hope for.



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