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Finding Josh — Recently I learned of the loss of three puppies that a group of us had cared for the past six months.  I was in the USA when a truck visited the area picking up animals to spay/neuter.  Our pups and others in the neighborhood were picked up and never returned. The hunt for them began.

A friend, Sun, joined me in the search, focusing on the park first we happened upon some local boys who pointed to an old toilet when asked about the puppies. Nervously I peered in thinking my puppies were dead inside, the toilet was not used, broken down and full of bird carcasses and garbage, and one more thing, a pedigree terrier Sun later named, “White Josh”.

Honestly I felt sick, wanted to run but how to leave him there, not an option.  He was well beyond our usual care, in terrible pain and hostile. The real extent of his wounds could not be seen.  I called to Sun to grab medicines out of my scooter and we were able to give him food and Ivermectin.  He came out of the toilet and began to wander, dazed, around the park and seconds later was running down the street.

Many people are terrified of dogs in this condition, the garbage women fled around corners, even dogs took off as Sun and I took off in pursuit of Josh. She ran one way and I hopped on the scooter to head him off from the opposite direction.  As Sun got close he snarled and was hostile, after much running back and forth, Sun distracted him while I looped my scarf around his neck, once this happened instead of becoming more hostile, he settled down.

Now what to do? His wounds were too severe to treat on the street, I made a call to Bark India and within 30 minutes they picked him up.  The next day I visited Josh at Bark India and during this time they cleaned his wounds and pulled out the dead maggots, White Josh was amazingly calm.  I am covering his care at Bark India, he will there for an estimated 2.5 months, his personality is feisty and he is quite loving.  Each time I visit he snuggles up to me.  I am looking for a permanent, loving forever home for Josh who is now a fine and neutered male.. If you would like to help with Josh’s care you  may donate here

We never did find our pups though we did learn the probable fate of them..my heart sinks to think of their fear as they were picked up and culled, how death came to them I will not know but it was not kind. Our hands are tied in these matters, we must go on, heads down, with the remembrance of their love in our heart.  One of our sweet girls below.

happy girl pup

Found mange ridden and wandering, no mum, we love this little girl, so personable.



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