About Us

We are travelers, compassionate lovers of animals and believers in humanity who found it impossible to continue turning away from the suffering of street animals. We chose to focus on maggot wounds, mange and internal parasites. We began treating in each community we passed through, then began training local caregivers, equipping each with a SACK full of medication and sprays. After, others joined and began treating animals as they traveled. To foster the connection between villagers and their animals we added Medical Camps for Animals, sponsoring vaccines, deworming and general health check ups for dogs, cats, goats and chickens.

Our Focus

  • Equipping travelers to at risk countries with medical kits and knowledge to treat animals.
  • Training compassionate villagers in the care of wounds, parasites and mange.
  • Providing SACKS (medical kits) for maintenance treatment.
  • Linking kits, volunteers and caregivers.

What we do?

Reduce mange, maggot wounds and parasites in street animals.
Train villagers in the care and treatment of street animals.
Provide SACKS(medical kits) to caretakers/travelers.
Outreach to impoverished villagers, their dogs, cats and livestock.

How we do it

Disbursement of medical kits, training volunteers and villagers.
Free SACK to volunteers to continue treatment of street animals as they travel.
Animal Medical Camps in Gypsy, Tribal and poor villages.

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Who We Are

Sophia Lewis

Sophia Lewis





Sun Parvati

Sun Parvati

Volunteer Coordinator

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