The Street Animal Care Kit (SACK)

What is the SACK?

SACK or Street Animal Care Kit is a medical kit to treat mange, maggot wounds and parasites in street animals; primarily dogs and cats.

Who is the SACK for?

  • Travelers – The SACK provides travelers with the means to reduce the suffering of street animals in at risk countries – when you see them, where you see them.
  • Caretakers – In many villages caretakers feed street animals but have no means of treating them. SACKS may be gifted to villagers. Each $12 USD (775 inr) donation provides one SACK to a local villager.

    stray dogs care

    Brother Bear, a street puppy was saved with the use of a SACK kit.

What is in the SACK?

  • Ivermectin – parasites, maggots
  • Painkiller
  • Antibiotic Long Acting
  • Ticks – spray
  • D Mag for Maggot Wounds
  • Gloves
  • Pedigree Gravy Pouch
  • Human Treat
  • Dewormer (Adult and Puppy)
  • Fipronil Spray for Puppies
  • Care Instructions
  • Syringe

How Much Does a SACK Cost?

For each donation of $12 or 775 inr we are able to donate one SACK to a local caretaker, many of the items in the SACK allow for multiple uses and 10 Ivermectin tablets are included.

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